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At Fx Algo Trades, we've streamlined the path to financial growth with our powerful automated trading platform. Our goal is simple: to help you achieve consistent and impressive profits while ensuring your financial security.

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We are trusted

Two-factor authentication of the user will protect your personal data and funds in the account.


We have been analyzing investment plans for a long time in order to avoid possible losses from our clients' deposits.


All company registration data can be found in the international registry. We are for openness, because we value our reputation.

Profit Sharing

Our advanced trading software generates an average of 30% monthly profit, making the most of opportunities in the Forex market. We understand the importance of risk management. Our maximum drawdown is set at a mere 6%, safeguarding your capital.

Our unique profit-sharing model is designed with you in mind. We charge a performance fee of only 30% every time you choose to withdraw profits generated by our software. This fee is calculated from your profits, not your initial deposit. This means you retain a significant 70% of your hard-earned profits.

With Fx Algo Trades, your linked accounts end up with an average of 21% in monthly profits. You have the flexibility to withdraw your profits on your terms – whether it's daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly.

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Our strengths

Proven deposit system

Use ready-made investment schemes to get guaranteed income.


Security Guarantees

The site is reliably protected by modern encryption methods from hacking and hacker attacks.


Quick income

The amount of daily income depends on the size of the deposit. You can withdraw money at any time.

Risk Management

We've got your back. Our robust risk management system ensures that your capital is safeguarded. If your equity ever reaches a -6% drawdown, we step in to secure 94% of your account. You can trust us to watch over your investment.

At Fx Algo Trades, we're not just an automated trading platform; we're a team of experienced Forex traders who understand the value of discipline and risk management. We know that trading can be challenging, even for the pros. That's why we're here to make it simpler and more profitable for you.

Our trading software boasts an impressive track record, generating an average of 30% monthly profit with a maximum drawdown of just 6%. Your success is our priority, and our performance fee is a modest 30% of the generated profits – not your initial deposit.

With Fx Algo Trades, you can choose to withdraw your profits on your terms – daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. The power to shape your financial future is in your hands.

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