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FrequentlyAsked Questions
What is Fx Algo Trade?

FX Algo Trade is an automated trading platform that allows both novice and experienced investors to participate in Forex trading without the need for extensive trading experience. Our advanced software executes trades on your behalf, aiming for profit with risk management.

How does FX Algo Trade work?

It's simple. You register an account, fund it with your chosen amount (starting from $100), link it to our trading software, and watch as it generates profits for you. We charge a 30% performance fee based on your profits, not your initial deposit.

What are the advantages of using FX Algo Trade?

Our system generates a 21% - 31% after profit split with a maximum drawdown of just 6%. This ensures that your investment is managed with risk in mind. You can also withdraw profits on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, giving you flexibility.

How does the profit-sharing model work?

The is 30% feet will be deducted from every profit withdrawal made, for an example, if you withdraw $100 from profits generated, we will keep $30 and credit your account with. $70.

What is the maximum drawdown, and how does it protect my investment?

The maximum drawdown is set at 6%. If your account's equity reaches this level, our system will close all trades to protect your capital, ensuring that 94% of your investment is secure.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

Min Withdrawal is $5

How long will it take to receive a withdrawal to my wallet?

Withdrawals are almost instant if requested during office hours.

Can I withdraw my capital before the end of the plan?

You can request to withdraw your initial Capital in writing. Your initial investment will be released within 72 hours, however, 15% will be forfeited to cover up for emergency closing of the trades.
NOTE: Principal Deposit is returned after plan expires.

Tell me about the affiliate program.

Our affiliate program allows you to earn commissions by referring others. You receive a 3% commission on referrals. It's a great way to share your success and increase your earnings.

How can I get additional rewards for referral activity?

We have 4 increasing rewards based on your direct referral deposit total:

20 Active Referrals: $250
50 Active Referrals: $1000
100 Active Referrals: $2500
200 Active Referrals: $7500

Is my investment safe with FX Algo Trade?

While no investment is entirely risk-free, our risk management measures and disciplined trading approach aim to safeguard your capital.
We aim to protect 94% of your investment with a 6% drawdown limit..

Can I change my account data?

You can change your Full Name, Password, edit your cryptocurrency withdrawal Wallets and manage two-factor authentication yourself.
If you want to modify other data, please contact our support.

How to keep my account secure?

Please follow our account security rules for users: Set a strong password of at least 6 characters, including numbers, upper and lower case letters or/and special characters.
Never share your login and password with anyone! (Our support will never ask for it)
Set a different password than you use to access your E-Mail account.
Enable 2 Factor Authentication